First try at writing a post.

So I guess I’m really doing this! I’m writing a blog post, that will be on the internet…  for anyone to see. Well I guess I’m suppose to say something about myself. My name, that is what I’ll start with, my name is Alison Hudson (not my real name) I’m 16 soon to be 17. I live on the east coast of the US, in a town where being in a band is more important than finishing school.

I am clearly not a writer but my therapist says that keeping a journal will help me out in multiple ways, but simply writing down my meaningless thoughts in a 10 cent notebook, and where there is no chance of anyone else reading it is not good enough for me and my princess complex, so ranting on the internet was the next best option.

Not sure what I’ll make of this but I will say I feel important for the fact that I now own a small part of the huge thing that controls so many people’s lives, that thing being the internet. I find is terribly sad that so many people rely on technology to give their lives any meaning, the internet has almost become a world of its own. As through it is a neighboring plant in our solar system that we can now visit at the click of a button and escape our lives. As a result people seem to have less meaning to their real lives which the through the works of a domino affect will deteriorate the quality of life for those who are victims to it but also those around them.

The internet comes off as a con in my life even through I know it has so many pros to it, one being able to access information in just a moments notice. My father did not have such a luxury as a teen, he loves to recall memories from his boyhood and share them with me and my two sister. One of the more popular ones is of his mother buying encyclopedia for the grocery store every few weeks. Seeing they could not afford a whole set his mom would purchase one volume at a time and as a result my father would have just enough time to absorb most of the information from that addition before the next was brought home. My father is very intelligent man now from that but what took him years and years to learn I can find out in a few seconds thanks to the internet and that is a very strange thing if you take a moment and think about.